Zahra Spa

Balinese Massage

To stmulate blood circulaton the aching muscles.

60 minutes

Aromatheraphy Massage

This is gentle massage technique has the ability to clear the mid and so the body Focused on creating a sense of overall relaxation rather that eliminating muscular aches, a choice of aromatic oils assist to calm and evoke clarity.

60 minutes

Coconut Oil Massage

Full body massage using virgin coconut oil to stimulate blood pressure and reduce bodyaches and pains and smoothen the skin. 

60 Minutes

Indian Head Massage

Massage is done on the head using coconut oil and to reduce stress and headaches.

60 Minutes

Foot Massage

First, we gentle bathe and scrub your feet using see salt crystal from Amed in Bali, fresh ginger and selected essential oils. Then, we massage them using the ancient, healing, pressure point massage technique to stimulate the body natural healing capabilities.

60 minutes

Warm Stone Massage

The warm stone treatment is combined with a traditonal and relaxing treatment which relieves tension, muscular aches pains and warms the body using warm stone

90 minutes

Head & Shoulder Massage

If you don’t not have time to enjoy some benefit of a complete massage treatment. This ½ hour treatment will help relieve stress and tension in the neck and shoulders.

60 minutes

Four Hand Massage


Massage all body using 4 hands or 2 therapists relieve body aches and relaxation

60 minutes 

Body Scrub

Scrub by using traditional selected ingredients coffee, coconut and green tea to remove dead skin cells and make skin clean. 

60 minutes

Ear Candle

Treatment by a lit candle to draw earwax and other impurities from the ear.

45 minutes


Relaxing facial incorporates pressure point massage to encourage lymphatic draining.

60 minutes

Manicure Or Paddicure

Foot or hand treatment and nail sculpting with nail buffing.

60 minutes