Cooking Class at Maharaja Villas

Explore how to learn the ethnic traditional Balinese food, spices of herbs, and simple technique to cook with heart ness at Maharaja Villas & Spa.

Indonesia are many kinds of delicious foods, has a unique taste and using traditional herbs as species of stuff. One the famous of Indonesia food is Balinese food style. Any rumor that Balinese food is very species, hot and complicated to cook and it is not convenience for travelers who would commonly have meal for first time. Please ignore this rumor, herewith we offer some technique how to cook Balinese food with a very simple way and learn some of ingredients of stuff.


A very popular one of Balinese of food is roasted chicken, mince seafood satay, Balinese fried rice, banana stock pudding, mix green bean "lawar" and etc. you could imagine how delicious and taste of those. The cooker will escort to market and teach from beginning till serve the food on table and it could explore your passion to practice directly and interactive with the local cooker. While you cook, the staff will memorize your moment to take a picture. The session of culinary class program any 2 session : Morning season (include market tour): 0700 am till 0900am (Market tour) 1100am till 1400 - cooking class

Afternoon season (Exclude market tour) 0300pm-0500pm

The prices package program: Cooking class with market tour: US$ 80++ per person Cooking class without market tour: US$ 70++ per person

The reservation must be made one day in advance and please reserve or booking directly into email address: info@maharajavillas.com or direct phone called: +62 361 734977 For further details of service, may directly browse into: www.maharajavillas.com

It's a secret recipe of traditional Balinese menu in here...do not miss your moment.